Providing hassle-free travel along the East-West corridor of Jamaica

TransJam Highways (formerly Highway 2000 East-West) consists of two corridors which allow for quicker, safer, and more comfortable commuting to destinations between Kingston, Portmore, Spanish Town, Old Harbour, and May Pen. Choose TransJam Highways every time, and enjoy your journey!

TransJam Highways

Providing quick & hassle-free travel along the East-West corridor of Jamaica

TransJamaican Highway Limited is the concessionaire of TransJam Highways (formerly Highway 2000 East-West); Jamaica’s first toll road and the largest infrastructure project in the English-Speaking Caribbean.

Our core business activity is the development, operation and maintenance of a tolled road network in Jamaica known as the “TransJam Highways” a 49.9km tolled motorway with two distinct corridors:

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No Traffic

Tolls can help manage traffic flow by discouraging excessive use during peak hours, thus reducing congestion and improving overall travel efficiency.

Express Lanes

Our T-Tag designated lane allows drivers to pay a toll for a faster, more efficient travel experience. By choosing this lane, drivers can bypass congestion, enjoy smoother traffic flow, and reach their destination more quickly..

Discount & Promo

We offer drivers the opportunity to save on toll fees through special offers, reduced rates, or limited-time deals.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Provides around-the-clock support to drivers facing unexpected vehicle breakdowns or emergencies. This service ensures quick and reliable help any time allowing drivers to get back on the road with minimal disruption.

Safety Guarantee

We have installed safety measures such as better lighting, signage, and road design, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

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The T-Tag can be purchased from any manual lane or sales office at any TransJam Highways toll plaza.

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