Institute of Jamaica’s 2023 Earth Day Competition- “Earth Today, Earth Tomorrow”

Institute of Jamaica’s 2023 Earth Day Competition- “Earth Today, Earth Tomorrow”

Operating with respect for the environment has always been the modus operandi of the Developer and Operator of Highway 2000 East-West. Therefore, in addition to our own environmentally conscious objectives and initiatives, TransJamaican Highway Limited and Jamaican Infrastructure Operator Limited continue to sponsor the Institute of Jamaica’s (IOJ) Earth Day competition in support of the view that all living things have an intrinsic value, and each plays a unique role in the construct of life.

International Earth Day is observed on April 22nd of each year, and here in Jamaica this competition is the avenue used to engage, create awareness, and educate us on issues relating to our planet Earth.

The 21st Staging of The Natural History Museum of Jamaica’s (NHMJ) and the IOJ’s annual Earth Day Competition was held on April 21, 2023, under the theme “Earth Today, Earth Tomorrow”.

The event’s guest speaker, Mr. Mario Galbert, Interim Coordinator at Caribbean Youth Climate Council, and the Secretary General at Caribbean Youth Environment Network Jamaica gave an informative presentation on the 7 Rs of recycling. Mr. Galbert stressed the point that we need to get more involved in initiatives that promote the recognition of our unique biodiversity, and the protection of our species and their habitats.

He elaborated to highlight the importance of regular “clean-ups” and the proper disposal of waste. Mr. Galbert encouraged us to not only plant a tree but to maintain and nurture it in order to help mitigate climate change. The National Environment and Planning Agency’s (NEPA) role and responsibilities in their efforts at protecting our species, invited the attendees to also play their part, by reducing their carbon footprint, consumption, and controlling any invasive species to limit the negative impact on our environment. The presentation also examined how young people can become involved through various environmental groups, be volunteers and activists in the fight against the extinction of Jamaica’s rich biodiversity due to human activities.

The competition attracted the participation of youth from various secondary and high schools. By using creative arts, our young people showcased the uniqueness of Jamaica’s endangered and endemic species, while encouraging their preservation and natural habitats. Participants submitted posters, videos, photographs, and literary pieces capturing this year’s theme. Over 20 entries made it into the competition, and the featured pieces have been mounted in the NHMJ’S Discovery Room at 10-16 East Street Kingston for public viewing until later this year.

Mrs. Juleen Henriques-McKenzie, Administrative Officer of JIO, presents the first-place award to Davia Merchant of St Andrew High School for Girls in the Photography Category

Mrs. Shaunte Blair-Thomas, Marketing Officer of TJH, presents the first-place awards in the poetry category to Yatin Vanjani of York Castle High School and to John-Michael Ramsay of Herbert Morrison Technical High School in the Poster Category.

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