We’re celebrating 20 years of operations!

We’re celebrating 20 years of operations!

Highway 2000 East West continues to support the needs of the communities and its citizenry in the vicinity of the motorway. Literacy is the foundation of all areas of education, and it is believed that it helps to provide a roadmap for success at each level. Annually, UNESCO marks International Literacy Day on September 8, the same month Highway 2000 East West celebrates its anniversary,but the company has moved to make a head start on activities through its donation during the back-to-school period. To commemorate this milestone, Highway 2000 East West donated $2.5 million to six (6) Early Childhood Institutions (ECI) and Primary schools, located in communities along the corridor, towards their literacy programs. Ivan Anderson, Managing Director of TJH, parent company of Highway 2000 East-West said that efforts are focused on schools in and around communities surrounding the corridor of the highway.

The 6 schools that were selected are:

Freetown, Clarendon

  • Freetown Primary School
  • Brown’s Basic School

Spanish Town, St. Catherine

  • McAuley Primary School
  • Ensom City Basic School

Portmore, St. Catherine

  • Greater Portmore Primary
  • Portsmouth Basic schools

On the actual day of the twentieth anniversary, September 25, Highway 2000 East West will host a live outside broadcast at the Vineyards and Portmore Toll Plazas, to commemorate the official launch of its new brand where there will be giveaways at the toll booth, an announcement of new discounts, and the opportunity for customers to win prizes while conducting transactions.

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